SkyDrive - Cloud Storage

What is SkyDrive

With SkyDrive, you can securely store your files and get to them from any of your devices, including your PC, phone, Mac, or iPad. You never have to worry about forgetting a file at home or work, because the latest versions are always automatically there for you.

Store any file on your free SkyDrive and it's automatically available from your phone and computers—no syncing or cables needed. When you use SkyDrive, you'll never be without the documents, notes, photos, and videos that matter to you.

SkyDrive works on your devices with a free download. Or you can sign in and get to your files at

Accessing SkyDrive from your mobile phones and tablet devices

Windows Phone
On your Windows Phone, your photos are saved to your SkyDrive and appear automatically in the Pictures hub on your phone. Download the SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and do even more. Manage your files from anywhere, and view and send your photos from anywhere, too.
iPhone and iPad
Download the SkyDrive app for iPhone and iPad to get easy access to your SkyDrive files on the go. Got a PC and an iPhone and an iPad? No problem. You can access your SkyDrive files across almost all your platforms and devices.

Android and other phones
If you have an Android tablet or phone, you can still use SkyDrive. Just open your device's web browser and go to You might need to sign in with your Windows Live ID. Find the file or photo you’d like to view, and tap it.